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I'm a Software Developer who enjoys playing a lot of video games. I usually play on Xbox Live and Steam. Add me if you have either account. I <3 Kyou AKA Kyou (AKA Yasashii-dango)
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I have been working on a project using JQuery in a webpart, communicating with a .NET webservice. To do so, I had to figure out how to call a standard .NET webservice from jQuery - the answer exists all over the internet, but nobody had really tidied it up and presented something easy to follow.

Here’s the jQuery javascript to call a webservice;


Learn a variety of programming paradigms:

  • Write a program in assembly language
  • Write an application in a functional language
  • Write an application in an object-oriented language
  • Write an application in a prototype-based language
  • Write an application in a logic programming language
  • Write an application using the Actor model
  • Write an application in Forth [C]

Experience the ins and outs of programming for different platforms:

  • Write a nontrivial web app
  • Write a nontrivial desktop app
  • Write a nontrivial mobile app
  • Write an embedded app
  • Write a realtime system

Enhance your understanding of the building blocks that we use as developers:

  • Write a networking client (e.g., HTTP, FTP)
  • Write a device driver
  • Write a B-tree database
  • Wrap an existing library to provide a better (more pleasant) user experience
  • Write an application or framework that provides a plugin model
  • Write a testing framework
  • Write a programming language

Enlighten yourself with koans, katas, and the wisdom of ages:

Program in the open:

  • Contribute to an open source project
  • Have a patch accepted
  • Earn commit rights on a significant open source project
  • Publish an open source project
  • Perform a Refactotum of an open source project

Learn by teaching others [D]:

  • Present a lightning talk
  • Present at a local user group
  • Present at a conference
  • Deliver a training course
  • Publish a tutorial
  • Publish a constructive code review of an open source project
  • Write a programming book


I have been working on a software development project recently where some kind of plugin architecture was needed. I knew Reflection could handle loading classes and executing methods at runtime, but had never done it. Here’s how you do it…

Assembly assembly =...
  • Me: ... what?
  • Ad: The ideal Scrum planning tool for managing your backlog, planning sprints and tracking your entire release. $20 for 10-users.
  • Me: ... that's better.
I just made a desktop shortcut to an HTML page, or in Android world, I just developed an app.
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